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Fascinated by the unfulfilled potential climatic design has to drive a new architectural design paradigm, Dr. Jonathan Natanian thinks beyond 'green building' towards a fully integrated and adaptive approach; one in which the patterns of occupancy, the user interfaces, passive and hybrid strategies and the urban realm come together and drive a generative architectural language.
Jonathan acquired both his architectural degree and practical experience for several years as a senior architect in Israel before earning his master’s degree at the AA in London. Jonathan holds a PhD (summa cum Laude) from the Technical University of Munich (TUM), where Jonathan developed computational workflows to explore the correlation between dense urban morphology and environmental performance in hot climates. Since 2021 Jonathan is serving as an assistant professor at the Technion in Haifa where he is leading the Environmental Performance and Design Lab (EPDL). At EPDL Jonathan and his research team investigate the boundary between environmental engineering and architectural design to establish a bridge between those disciplines in a cross-contextual, multi-scale and cross-disciplinary way.

2021 - present

Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

Assistant professor

2017 - 2021

2014 - present

2012 - 2013

2005 - 2012

1999 - 2005

Technical University Munich

Research Associate and PhD candidate (Summa cum Laude)



Architectural Association School of Architecture (AA)

MSc Sustainable Environmental Design (with Distinction)

Moshe Tzur Architects and Town Planners



Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Architecture (with Distinction)

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