Academic Publications

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Journal publications 


A parametric approach to optimizing urban form, energy balance and environmental quality: The case of Mediterranean districts.

Jonathan Natanian, Or Aleksandrowicz , Thomas Auer

Applied Energy​, 2019


Environmental education of an architect: The case of final-year design studio at the technion, Israel

Jonathan Natanian, Or Aleksandrowicz 

International Journal of Architectural Research​, 2018


A digital workflow to quantify regenerative urban design in the context of a changing climate

Emanuele Naboni, Jonathan Natanian, Giambattista Brizzi, Pietro Florio, Ata Chokhachian, Theodoros Galanos, Parag Rastogi

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 2019


Balancing urban density, energy performance and environmental quality in the Mediterranean: a typological evaluation based on photovoltaic potential

Jonathan Natanian, Thomas Auer

Energy Procedia​, 2018


Peer reviewed publications in conference proceedings


Zero Energy Buildings in the Mediterranean: Typological Feasibility Analysis towards an Israeli Adaptation

Jonathan Natanian

In: Proceedings of PLEA 2018


'Opening the Glass Box' - Climatic adaptation of the office building typology in the Mediterranean.

Jonathan Natanian

In: Proceedings of PLEA 2014                                               


Synergetic urban microclimate and energy simulation parametric workflow - 

Jonathan Natanian, Daniela Maiullari, Abraham Yezioro, Thomas Auer

In: Proceedings of CISBAT 2019

Articulation Space and Sustainability

A Report on diploma student projects at the Technion, Israel. 

Jonathan Natanian, Or Aleksandrowicz

In: Proceedings of PLEA 2017 


Research conducted during the master's at the Architectural Association 2012-2013

The trade-off between visual and thermal considerations in the design of solar control -  Can Electrochromic technology change the field of solar control by introducing a new equilibrium to this trade-off?”

Southwyck Co- Housing Project, Brixton, London.

Adoption with Adaptation - The pursuit to acclimatize international style architecture to Israel's environmental conditions“.

Environmental study of Evelyn Grace Academy by Zaha Hadid Architects.