Master's design studios | Chair of building technology and climate responsive design

Role: Tutor. Studio directors Prof. Thomas Auer, Arch. David Selje


THE OFFICE | DAS BÜRO, future of workplaces, 2019

In collaboration with Arch. Bilge Kobas, Dr. Sandra Persiani, Christian Glander, Guest Prof. Kaspar Guldager Jensen (3XN)

The master course “The Office | Das Büro” investigated experimental working environments aiming to develop conceptual strategies to increase local social comfort and individual wellbeing within office spaces by adopting a human-centric approach.


Sample project :

Jesse Han, Michelle Lorenz, Elena Mattiuzzo & Enrico Fornasa, DIE OFFIZIERMESSERWÄNDE, DESIGNING THE INTERMEDIATE


Wor(al)king in the forest | Design studio for the 1st IGEBC International Sustainable Building Design Competition, 2018

Team: Borja Maristany Domínguez, Evgenii Varlygin, Federica Aridon, Florian Kraft, Georg Hyza, Niklas Heese Daylight analysis: Margarita Alwalidi. 

Silver medal winners, [received $50,000 for the realization of the project]

The design "Wor(al)king in the Forest" offers a new concept for a 800 m2 office building inspired by a forest, where ecological principals drive the formation of adaptive office microclimates.




Articulation, space and sustainability | Undergraduate final design studio, Faculty of Architecture 

Role: Studio co-director with Arch. Shmaya Serfaty

The studio which followed the conceptual framework of Research-Based Design focused on the adaptation of the Israeli built environment through the articulation of a responsive architectural language. 

Sample projects :

Unbenannt-3 Kopie.JPG

Noa Gantz, -400, 2015 winner of the Azrieli award 


Nir Polack, Arch Ex Machina, 2016 winner of the Rieskin award

Selected publication associated with the studio:

Natanian, Jonathan, and Or Aleksandrowicz. Environmental Education of an Architect: The case of Final-Year Design Studio at the Technion, Israel. International Journal of Architectural Research: ArchNet-IJAR, 12(1), 356-366, 2018.

Natanian, Jonathan, Aleksandrowicz Or. Articulation, space and sustainability A report on diploma student projects at the Technion, Israel. In: Proceedings of the International Conference on Passive Low Energy Architecture (PLEA), 2017, Edinburgh, UK.