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Research for the Israeli Green Building Council and the Israeli Ministry of Environmental protection


2013 - 2016


Zero Energy Building Adaptation in the Mediterranean // 

Opportunities and challanges in harmonizing definition and criteria in Israel

Principal researcher  

2 year research funded by the Israeli Ministery

of Environmental Protection 2015-2016



Technical guide - Israeli green building code.

Author - Energy section, 2016                             


Implementation cost of the Israeli green building code in office buildings.

Principal researcher                                     

(co-researcher: Hagay cot)

completed 2015         



Implementation of the Israeli green building code in dense residential schemes.

Research assistant 

(Researchers: Barak Pelman, Keren Schwatz, Ronny Daniel).                    

Green Building and Urban Design

Research assistant

(Researchers: Erez Ella, Barak Pelman)

The guide for environmental refurbishment

Research assistant

(Researcher: Aviel Yelinek)

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